1. This game is about meeting up with my brother to go see one of our favorite bands, Epica, in Manhattan. My brother and I often go to events like this together by taking the train; sometimes he waits for me but I take a while to get my shit together and he's generally impatient. Another thing we often do is send pictures of dogs, cats, or the number 69 as we see it in our surrounding environment. So I combined the two aspects of my life into one concept.
2. The fun part was definitely learning how to use Substance Painter and being able to harness my passion for Maya, even if I had to keep my models relatively simple in the interest of time. The least fun part was filling out the world-- there was so much I wanted to put in that just didn't get done in time cause Unity kept crashing on me, or putting too many models in would make the game lag out like crazy. 

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